KAUW Board, CEO and BlackHawk College 2016 CampaignKewanee Area United Way works with government, non-profit and for profit organizations to form collaborations and partnerships.

We ensure that your dollars are used efficiently and effectively to address the root causes of poverty in our local community. We do this by striving to eliminate duplications of service.

Improving The Henry & Stark County Area

For over half of a century, the KAUW has been bringing people and resources together to improve lives within our communities. We are a leading private health and human services partnerworking with 16 local agencies; Giving to the Kewanee Area United Way Campaign, provides a way for people to give back to our community helping our neighbors in their time of need.

KAUW supported programs impact the lives of 4 out of 10 persons in our area.

Helping The Community Since 1957

Kewanee Area United Way has proudly served Henry & Stark County citizens for more than 59 years! All monies donated stay in the local community. Only 10% is used for administration costs.

Our Mission

“The mission of the Kewanee Area United Way is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.”

Our Vision

“We are a community-based, non-profit support organization which motivates and inspires people to make a difference; we work together with our neighbors and local non- profit agencies to identify the unmet needs of our citizens; then, we locate and raise those resources to address these challenges.”

What's New

Always Learning, Always Growing


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